Thursday, October 13, 2011

12 by 2012

I am a procrastinator and I love a to do list.  I started a 101 in 1001  list and I'm slowly crossing items off. So this evening when I was reading Danni's blog over at oh, hello friend, she came up with the brilliant idea of putting a list of things or goals  that you want to get done by December 31st.  Sounds simple right?  So I thought...why not?  It won't hurt!  So here is my attempt at 12 by 2012....

1.  Renovate my small walk in closet

2.  Make more goodies for my website  MadebyGinna

3.  Make more home cooked meals for the Mister & myself

4.  Start baking again

5.  Clean up the computer room

6.  Clean up my craft room again!

7.  Enjoy myself at the Crafty Affaire Holiday Market launch on December 4th

8.  Give out handmade Christmas presents to family and friends

9.  Blog more often

10.  Be nicer to people

11.  Go on a little get away with the Mister

12.  Laugh more often

So that's my list!  I will update whenever I hit the goal (fingers crosssed!)  Good luck to everyone participating!!!



  1. My favorite is #10. I think the world would be a better place if we all did that!

  2. Hi fellow "twelver" here! I love that you have combined the practical and the emotional, it will make for a very happy journey. All the best with it all, Lydia.

  3. Love your list!! Cleaning, cooking, making handmade gifts - those are all wonderful and fabulous goals! You have lots in common with many of the other lists! Thanks so much for participating friend, good luck with finishing your list by 2012! - Danni

  4. 12 is brilliant!! If we all had that on our list our world would be a happier place!! Wishing you good luck for the all :)