Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's been awhile...

I didn't realize that I haven't posted for almost 2 months.  I've been busy with a few things and I had a couple of events that made my life a lot sadder.



I lost my two fur babies in 2011.  I couldn't talk about it because I was really devastated.  We had our fur babies for 19 years!  They were truly part of the family.  I still find it hard to look at photos of them...I end up crying.  So I will keep this brief.   Scotty was 19 years old when he passed.  He passed away in July 2011 on his favourite chair in the living room.  We spent the last minutes with him.  Missy was 20 years old when we put her down in November 2011.  She was down to skin and bones and weighed 2.5 pounds.  She was just hanging on.  We didn't want her to suffer any longer.  We miss them dearly and not a day goes by when we don't think of them.  The house was very quiet when they left us.  It was just the Mister and I.  Something was missing.  We were very sad.

Missy's final day sleeping with Mister.

Mama  & Papa loves you lots Scotty & Missy.  Both of you will always be in our hearts!