Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Missy is the other fur baby. She's a real princess...she has us trained very well!!!


Scotty is our first fur baby. He is 16 years old. My brother took the photo...was trying to be funny!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

February 13th...My Birthday

Another year older...where does the time go?! I took the day off from work and I thought I would do nothing. Sleep in, eat in bed, watch television and cuddle with my kitties.

My hubby said he was off to work...NOT!

He surprised with me a beautiful orchid arrangement. It's the nicest arrangement I've received from him so far!!! Isn't it beautiful!

He then decided that he was were going to drive down to Bellingham to do some shopping. He bought me a nice Coach purse...I love it and I love him!

Some days he just amazes me and I guess that's why I love him. I didn't want anything this birthday since we spent more monies than expected on the move back from Calgary, the house and the renos.

And he also got me a single red rose for Valentine's Day and a nice sappy card.