Thursday, September 15, 2011


Our family room off the kitchen needed some re-decorating.  When we purchased the house back in 2008, we repainted the walls and used our old furniture from our Calgary house.   The Mister did not like the way it looked but I was fine with it.  He wanted a wall unit to house some art work and books.  He wanted the TV to be hung on the wall.  I was fine with the TV sitting on the media stand we bought a few years back.  But he wasn't.  He sketched different configurations of the wall unit and finally came up with the one below.

The wall above the TV was bare for a long time until I saw the butterflies on Hip and Clavicle's Etsy Shop.  They are three dimensional and are made of paper.  I love them.  They come in so many colours but I chose black because it went with our decor.

Below are some before photos (they are not very good as I took them with my old Blackberry!)

This is our old TV stand.  This was centered against the wall and there were book cases next to it.
Re-decorating in progress!

The final result!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Been Busy

Sorry I've been AWOL for the last few months.  
I have been busy with work and I guess life. 
I got a promotion at work. 
I lost one of my fur babies in July and I still cannot bring myself to write about it.  
I've been working hard at putting together Crafty Affaire's Holiday Market.  
I have been decorating and gardening. 
 I have been crafting and reorganizing my craft room (this took longer than I thought and is still a work in progress.  
I also have been lazy on some days.

Hope you're keeping yourself busy too!!!