Sunday, June 27, 2010


So what do you think??? Nice? This thing weighed a ton and we needed extra help to put it up. My brother-in-law helped. My hubby and I thought it would take a bit of time to put it up but it was done in a matter of minutes!!!

But...there were some noise issues with this unit. There is supposed to be a crackling sound, which the unit had and it also had a thump, thump, thump sound coming from it. My hubby called the shop owner of the store and since she lived in the neighbourhood, she checked out the noise. She came over, listened and told us that the fireplace should not be making that noise. She said that she will drop off another unit.
A few days later she dropped off another but it had another sound coming from it. Finally, last Wednesday she replaced it with another unit that only made the crackling noise. Hurray!!!


  1. awesome looking and love the crows too. glad you got the right one. third time is the charm right?

  2. yay for the 3rd fireplace!