Friday, April 3, 2009


I started tackling my craft room a couple of months back and I still have alot to do. My craft room is a little off to one side of the garage. It is not heated but it has four walls and a window. And thank goodness it has lights. I have a small portable heater that I can use in the cooler months but I think it will fine during the warmer months. My craft room is really tiny so I had to figure out where to put all my stuff! But first off, I had to paint the room. This room was used by the previous owners' children as some sort of hideout.

Don't you just love the decor. I wanted a more muted wall colour and I wanted a ceiling. Is it really too much to ask? Well, my husband thought so at first but he (I mean we) put up the a new ceiling and I painted the walls. I also put in new flooring. Nothing fancy just some stick on tiles. It turned out great!

Nice and neat...but not for long!!!

Hubby bought me three cabinets. I thought these could house the majority of my things but I was wrong. I had to put in two old book shelves, an old desk and a vintage cabinet. Still not enough room for all my stuff!!! Take a look...

Still a long ways to go. I plan on putting up curtains in front of the two book shelves to hide all the supplies. I also want to buy a larger desk with more drawers. I told my hubby that I will have to take up more of the garage. I need more storage space.

Gee...I just looked at the above noted paragraph and I saw a lot of "I"s, I plan, I want, I told and I need. What do you know...I guess it's all about me when it comes to the craft room!!!

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  1. sounds like the story of my life, "I need more storage space"
    I don't dare get rid of any art and craft supplies though, and I'm constantly aquiring more